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What do if I have Tax Debt?

What is Tax Debt?

This can include any personal taxes owed to the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”), which can arise from several reasons such as:

  • Unpaid Income taxes

  • HST from self-employed individuals

  • Unpaid source deductions

  • Withdrawing RRSPs

  • Working multiple jobs and not enough taxes being withheld by your employers

  • CERB overpayment

CRA has the following powers to collect your tax debt:

  • Garnishing your wages

  • Registering a lien against your home

  • Seizing money in your bank accounts

  • Charging interest on your amounts owing

CRA has more powers than other unsecured creditors, so it is important to take timely action to protect yourself and your assets.


1) Pay in Full or Payment Arrangement – If you are unable to pay all your taxes in full immediately, you may contact CRA to negotiate a payment schedule to pay your balance over a period.

2) Request Reassessment - If you believe the amounts owing are not correct you can contact CRA for a reassessment or find a tax professional to assist you.

3) Taxpayer Relief Provisions – CRA may grant you relief from penalty and interest when the following types of situations prevent you from meeting your tax obligations:

  • Extraordinary circumstances

  • Actions of the CRA

  • Inability to pay or financial hardship

  • Other circumstances

4) Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy

In a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, CRA is treated like any other unsecured creditor and will be prevented from taking any further action against you. This means all interest on your CRA debts will stop and any garnishments against your pay will also stop.

If you have other debts such as credit cards and lines of credit, then it may make most sense to file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Are you struggling with paying your debts? Contact us for a free consultation to review options for reducing your debt.

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Adam Wandler
Adam Wandler
11 Nov 2023

Facing tax debt can be overwhelming, but don't panic! The first step is to gather all your financial information and consult with a Tax Consultant Prince George professional. They can assess your situation and help you create a personalized plan to address the debt.

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